Our Values

“Since our founding… our values have remained the same.”

DUDA’s Core Values

3 seniors church
The senior Duda brothers at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Slavia (circa 1980s). Left to right, Ferdinand, John and Andrew Jr.

Our values are what hold us together as an organization and remind us who we are as we conduct our business. Since our founding in 1926 by Andrew Duda, a Slovak immigrant with an American dream to have the freedom to own land and practice his Christian faith, our values have remained the same.

  • Faith in the Lord who richly blesses us all
  • Faith in the goodness of people
  • Responsibility to our customers, employees, and shareholders
  • Stewardship of the land and its resources
  • Integrity in our business conduct
  • Strength from diversity
  • The need to grow

DUDA’s Mission

Our mission was distilled from these values to help guide the work we do across all of our business operations.
Our mission as a diversified Land Company is to grow…

  • Christian Faith and Business Integrity
  • Land Values and Vibrant Communities
  • Families, People, and Relationships
  • Healthy Food Products
  • Sustainable Wealth and Balanced Financial Returns

… for Future Generations

DUDA’s Purpose

At the center of everything we do is our purpose: We Multiply and Share God’s Blessings. Our purpose inspires the work we do and gives deeper meaning to our efforts.

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Living Our Values

How we live our values from year to year can be found in our annual Living Our Values report. To read our latest report, click here.


We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through transparent and responsible business practices. We measure our sustainability in three ways: Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Philanthropy.

Environmental Stewardship

DUDA is committed to continuous improvement in environmental protection and performance, and stewardship of our natural resources.

Social Responsibility

DUDA respects the rights of and deals fairly, ethically, and honestly with our employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, and associates.

Corporate Philanthropy

DUDA’s purpose is to multiply and share God’s blessings. Supporting communities through giving has always been a cornerstone of our business and a belief that guides many of our decisions. Each year, we are blessed to be able to set aside a percentage of our after-tax profits for sharing. The annual recipients of our giving are chosen by our many business operations and locations, as well as the Duda family’s three philanthropic Foundations.