Our Team

“At DUDA you will find a highly capable and experienced team of employees.”

At DUDA you will find a highly capable and experienced team of employees in each of our business operations and divisions. Employees contribute talents and skills to a variety of jobs — from farm production to home construction, engineering to accounting, hospitality to sales and marketing and many more administrative, management and technical positions. We have a high average tenure for both salaried and hourly employees, and in addition to multiple generations of Duda family members employed in the business, we are pleased to have second generations of non-Duda-family employees on our team as well. Learn more about Working at DUDA.


DUDA is blessed with a strong and talented management team. These resilient individuals are guided by the company’s corporate mission and core values. Our purpose, to multiply and share God’s blessings, is at the center of all we do.

Samuel “Sammy” Duda, President and CEO
P. Barton Weeks, COO
Mark Engwall, CFO
Tracy Duda Chapman, Sr. VP, Chief Legal/Administrative Officer, General Counsel
Todd Pokrywa, President, The Viera Company
Drew Duda, Sr. VP, Duda Ranches
Tom Duda, Sr. VP, Land Management
Mark Bassetti, President, Duda Farm Fresh Foods
Bill Moore, COO, Viera Builders

Board of Directors

DUDA has been governed by a professional Board of Directors for decades. The DUDA Board of Directors consists of six members of the Duda family and four non-family members from varying business backgrounds. These seasoned executives provide DUDA with a wealth of experience in the areas of community development, family business leadership, food distribution and finance.

Susan Duda Hanas, Chairman
Jennifer “Jenny” D. LaGrange
Deborah D. Martell
James “Jim” Marlatt
Charles Adams
Nick Pavelich
Charles Allison
Darrin Kruse
Kelly Brown
Stacy Mello